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Blackout Curtains 

It is extremely difficult to create a 100% blackout using drapes, particularly if there is direct sunlight falling on them. Light will always try and find a way through the fabric or reflect around the sides of the drapes and into the room. However, it is always possible to dramatically reduce light levels to a very low ambient level suitable for use with stage lighting or AV projection equipment. 
We use professional fabrics along with special design features to ensure minimum light leakage. A range of linings are available that will reduce the throughput of light to virtually zero. This includes a uV resistant lining for use in direct sunlight (uV rays can severely reduce the life of fabrics) 
Pelmets and baffles can be made from fabric or wood and help to prevent the light from finding a way over the top and around the edges of the drape. 
Velcro strips can be sewn into the outer edges and then used to form a lightproof seal with the wall. 
To see an example of our blackout curtains, please follow the link to our "PREVIOUS INSTALLATIONS" page. 
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